Each Local in California has been assigned a number of delegates proportional to their membership, last allocated in November 2021. Per CA-DSA bylaws, the State Council shall always be 85 members, with each Local guaranteed at least one delegate. Any newly formed Local shall be immediately entitled to send a delegation to the State Council without reduction in the delegation of any other Local. The delegations shall be re-apportioned each March 1, starting in 2023.

Per a unanimous vote of the CA-DSA Exploratory Committee, delegates to the inaugural State council must be elected by the general membership of their locals. California DSA does not place any further requirements on chapters regarding delegate elections. For the inaugural meeting on February 19, 2022, Locals should have elected and reported the results of delegate elections to elections(at) by February 5, 2022.

Delegate Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the CA DSA state council are primarily legislative – the 85-person council is responsible for voting on CA DSA resolutions, objectives, and endorsements, and electing a 9-person "State Committee", which will administer CA-DSA between meetings of the State Council. As a delegate your responsibilities would include: