This vision document was ratified by the California DSA Exploratory Committee on January 16, 2021, and served as the basis for the construction of the California DSA bylaws.

Democratic Structure

We want to build a statewide structure that is responsive to members across the state and ensures accountability for the statewide organization.

Coalitions and External Communications

To achieve material wins and have a larger impact on external political organizations and terrains of struggle, we need infrastructure and capacity to communicate and coordinate across jurisdictions.

Growing and Strengthening Chapters

Over the past five years, DSA has grown from a few scattered chapters to over 200 local groups nationwide. Resources and support for national structures tasked with supporting new OCs and small chapters have not been able to keep up with this growth. California shares a single, vastly overworked field staffer with seven other states. As a result, many small chapters do not receive basic organizer training or sufficient support in getting off the ground, and new OCs often struggle to get through the new chapter pipeline. A statewide organization can help chapters across California by providing another conduit to our national organization, collaboration with more established chapters, and outward-facing campaigns for chapters to plug their members into.