Inaugural California DSA State Council Meeting: February 19, 2022!

The need for statewide democratic socialist organizing right now is urgent: Already our enemies in the billionaire class are aiming to bust teacher unions by putting pro-charter and pro-voucher propositions on the ballot for November. If we're going to beat back their profit-driven privatization agenda, we need to organize on their level. The wealthy few in California have been hoarding the vast wealth that California workers have created for decades. Let’s organize the majority to take it back!

The California DSA State Council is an 85-member body made up of delegates from California-based DSA chapters. Every chapter in the state has been allocated a number of delegates based on their membership as of November 2021, who must be elected by general membership. See the allocation and details regarding delegations for the inaugural meeting here.


The California DSA Bylaws were collectively drafted by an Exploratory Committee made up of representatives from all DSA chapters in the state. They were ratified by a majority of California DSA chapters on March 21st, 2021, and approved by the National Political Committee on December 7th, 2021.

California DSA Vision

What does California DSA do? Read the vision document that was ratified by the California DSA Exploratory Committee prior to the ratification of the California DSA Bylaws.